A universal set of enterprise objects and endpoints exposed as a cloud api.

No messing around with the time consuming backend stuff, just full bore app building!

You can build "no-compromise" apps based on
a solid foundation with over 700 methods to work with,
eg "add contact", "search for contact", "add invoice",
"search for invoice".

A good starting point:

Read about using the api & building an app
Watch a video by Rob on building your first app
How mydigitalstructure helps you deliver
Uses & architecture diagram
Cheat sheet

Highly compatible with:

REST | RPC | AJAX | MVC | SOA | Agile | CI RWD  
jQuery | Bootstrap  
Apple iOS | Google Andriod | PHP & zend | RoR  
Visual Studio | .NET  
pusher | twitter | facebook | linkedin OAuth  
Azure | Amazon AWS  
js libraries...  

A platform you can build on:

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We've been providing internet platforms since 2000.

mydigitalstructure runs on AWS

ibCom is committed to information security compliance
as per ISO/IEC 27001/27017

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With over 700 methods, you can build any type of enterprise app on mydigitalstructure.
  • Websites & eCommerce
  • Messaging
  • Contacts
  • Projects
  • Products & Orders
  • News & Events
  • Documents
  • Financials
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