Use this method to allow a user to register into your space. As a note, instead of using the '.' delimiter, you can use '_', eg Registration_Agreement  
  Registration.BusinessName Text (50) Mandatory if Registration.ContactBusiness / Registration.ContactBusinessUseEmail is not passed.
  Registration.ContactBusiness Numeric Id of Contact Business that the user will be linked to
  Registration.ContactBusinessGUID Text An alternative to ContactBusiness. Some additional security options are only available if this is specified as opposed to the Id
  Registration.ContactPerson Numeric Id of Contact Person that the user will be linked to. You need to pass either Registration.ContactPerson or ContactPerson.Email
  Registration.ContactBusinessUseEmail Text (1) Y / N [default]. If set to Y, and Registration.ContactBusiness is not passed, it works out the Contact Business to link to based on a matching @ part of the contact's email address. If Y, ContactPerson.Email is mandatory
  Registration.CreateBlog Text (1) Y / N [default]. Creates a Messenger Account
  Registration.EmailApplySystemTemplate Text (1) Y [default] / N. When sending the email, apply your usual email template around the outside of the document
  Registration.EmailDocument Numeric The template document to send to the newly created user. Can use tags [TEMPLATE_LOGONNAME] and [TEMPLATE_INITIALPASSWORD].
  Registration.EmailSendAttachments Text (1) Y [default] / N. When emailing the newly created contact, include any attachments linked to the template document
  Registration.EmailSiteSupport Text (1) Y / N [default]. Email the Site Support Person too - from SETUP_SITE_MANAGE
  Registration.ForceNewContact Text (1) Y / N [default]. Forces the creation of a new Contact Person
  Registration.Groups Text A comma delimited list of the Groups to add to the user. As per SETUP_CONTACT_PERSON_GROUP_TYPE_SEARCH
  Registration.LogonName Text (50) Defaults to the Email address. The UserName must be unique across all systems on the myDigitalSpace platform
  Registration.LogonSuffix Text (50) A standard suffix that you add to the end of all your user names. Is important if you it can happen that your users already have a logon on the myDigitalSpace platform. For example you might pass @mySystem. When someone logs on, you would add this string to the username they enter.
  Registration.Memberships Text A comma delimited list of the Memberships to add to the user. As per ADMIN_MEMBERSHIP_SEARCH
  Registration.NetworkGroups Text A comma delimited list of the Network Groups add to the user. As per SETUP_NETWORK_GROUP_SEARCH
  Registration.Roles Text A comma delimited list of the Roles to add to the user. As per SETUP_ROLE_SEARCH
  Registration.SessionTimeout Numeric Time in minutes that you remained logged on for whilst inactive. Default 20.
  Registration.SystemNews Text (1) Y / N [default]. Mark the contact within your system as wanting to receive news
  ContactPerson.Currency Numeric  
  ContactPerson.DateOfBirth Date  
  ContactPerson.Email Text (100)  
  ContactPerson.Fax Text (30)  
  ContactPerson.FirstName Text (100) Mandatory if creating a new contact
  ContactPerson.Gender Numeric 1=Not set, 2=Male, 3=Female
  ContactPerson.HomePhone Text (50)  
  ContactPerson.MailingAddress1 Text (100)  
  ContactPerson.MailingAddress2 Text (100)  
  ContactPerson.MailingCountry Text (50)  
  ContactPerson.MailingPostCode Text (10)  
  ContactPerson.MailingState Text (30)  
  ContactPerson.MailingSuburb Text (50)  
  ContactPerson.Mobile Text (50)  
  ContactPerson.Reference Text (50)  
  ContactPerson.SendNews Text (1) Y/N
  ContactPerson.SkypeName Text (75)  
  ContactPerson.SourceOfContact Numeric There are some standard values, plus you can define extras via SETUP_CONTACT_SOURCE_OF_CONTACT_MANAGE
  ContactPerson.StreetAddress1 Text (100)  
  ContactPerson.StreetAddress2 Text (100)  
  ContactPerson.StreetCountry Text (50)  
  ContactPerson.StreetPostCode Text (10)  
  ContactPerson.StreetState Text (30)  
  ContactPerson.StreetSuburb Text (50)  
  ContactPerson.Surname Text (100) Mandatory if creating a new contact
  ContactPerson.Title Numeric 1=Mr,2=Mrs,3=Ms,4=Dr,5=Prof.,6=[NA],7=Rev.,8=Miss
  ContactPerson.WorkPhone Text (50)  
  ContactBusiness The id of the created Contact Business
  ContactPerson The id of the created Contact Person
  Id The id of the created User