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mydigitalstructure/js; new .cloud namespace

We have made an adjustment to the mydigitalstructure/js namespace* so that it now supports a .cloud namespace to help with understanding where the method is being invoked, data stored etc

The .cloud methods are aliasing of existing SDK methods so all existing can still be used with no code change.

So going forward:

1. We have mydigitalstructure. which refers to methods that are being invoked in the client/browser space.
2. And then for methods being invoked on the cloud.

The methods include:

  • .auth() - authenticate onto
  • .deauth() - deauthenticate off the
  • .save({object: }) - which consolidates mydigitalstructure.create() / .update()
  • .retrieve({object: }) - same as mydigitalstructure.retrieve()
  • .delete({object: }) - same as mydigitalstructure.delete()
  • .invoke({method: }) - runs a method that doesn't relate to a data object, such as such eg sending a password reset
  • .upload() - upload a file to the cloud

eg to save data onto the cloud use

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