Add an enquiry, including sending auto-response email, alert and adding opportunity.  
  id Numeric Online Enquiry Setup ID
  reference Text Opportunity reference [Default: "OPP"]
  referenceprefix Text  
  notes Text  
  businessname Text  
  email Text  
  firstname Text  
  surname Text  
  phone Text  
  mailingaddress1 Text  
  mailingaddress2 Text  
  mailingsuburb Text  
  mailingstate Text  
  mailingpostcode Text  
  mailingcountry Text  
  sendnews Y/N  
  source Numeric  
  processingstatus Numeric  
  type Numeric  
  group Numeric  
  seXXXX Text Structure Element Data
  noalerts 1 Stops all auto emails being sent.
  noalertrequester 1 Stops auto email being sent to enquiry requester.
  noalertsiteowner 1 Stops auto email being sent to siteowner.
  noscore 1 Stop score based structure elements being returned.
  notemplate 1 Stop the default space email template being applied to requester email.
  redirect 1 Redirect to the URL set on the enquiry set up.
  state Text Gets added the URL set up for redirect.
  id ID of opporuntity added.
  notes ADDED
  score Score based on structure elements and choices.