Object: 310. Click here for more information.  
  DataReturn Text A comma delimited list of advanced search fields to be returned after a successful save
  Id Numeric  
  Remove Numeric Pass '1' to remove the item
  Access Numeric You need to pass either Access or AccesMethod. Id from SETUP_METHOD_ACCESS_MANAGE, which allows you to configure what parameters can be accessed
  AccessMethod Numeric You need to pass either Access or Method. if linking directly to method, you cannot control which Parameters a user can access
  CanAdd Text (1) Y/N. Can only be y if the Access allows it
  CanRemove Text (1) Y/N. See above
  CanUpdate Text (1) Y/N. See above
  CanUse Text (1) Y/N. See above
  GUIDMandatory Text (1) Y/N [ default]. For Advanced Searches, make it mandatory to pass a Custom Option called GUID. This is to be able to limit an off platform app to be restricted to a certain record
  Notes Text (2000)  
  Role Numeric id of the role, see SETUP_ROLE_MANAGE