You can copy the structure within you space, or into another space that you have access to. If copying within your own space it is likely that you will have to update Aliases.  
  Structure Numeric The Id of the structure that you are wanting to copy. You must be in the same space when copying.
  TargetSpace Numeric The Id of the space that you want to copy the structure into. You must have rights to switch into this space.
  MoveResults Y/N [default] Do you want to move existing results into the new Structure / TargetSpace.  If you are doing this, SourceContactBusiness, SourceContactPerson, SourceLinkType, and SourceLinkId (ie from STRUCTURE_DATA_SEARCH will contain the ids from the source space. It is then up to you to update the ContactBusiness, ContactPerson, Object, and ObjectContext of the records. Only valid if you are copying into another space.
  Structure The Id of the Structure in the TargetSpace