Set up automation rules/tasks.

There are two types of automation rules;

  • Use an existing "more" id from an existing advanced search.
    This will send an email or sms (based on type) to the contactpersonids it finds in the response from the advanced search.

  • Pass a url or endpoint.
    This will email the response from the endpoint to a network group, contact person group or URL (like, depending on the setting responseaction.

  id Numeric Access ID
  remove 1  
  title Text Used as the subject in emails.
  type Numeric [Default: 1] 2=Email, 3=SMS.  Only applicable if more= has been set.
  status Numeric 1=Enabled, 2=Disabled [Default = 2]
  endpoint Text eg CONTACT, PROJECT - see Endpoints
  url Text any parameters you want in the querystring eg if advanced search then "&advanced=1" - to use autoformatting then need to include &rf=XHTML
  urlmethod POST, GET [Default = POST]
  postdata Text The data that is to be sent with the request - eg in the case of advanced search then the XML package
  more Numeric Valid More ID, as returned by advanced search.
  scheduletype Numeric Which days to run the automation rule: 0=Sun, 1=Mon ... , 7=Weekdays, 8=Every Day, 9=Every Time
  schedulemaximumcount Numeric Maximum number of times to run.  -1 = for ever. [Default = 1]
  scheduletimehour Numeric What hour (24 HR) do you want it run - eg if want to run at 6:30PM then this is equal to 18
  scheduletimeminute Numeric What minute - eg if want to run at 6:30PM then this is equal to 30
  responseaction Numeric 1=Email to Network Group, 2=Email to contact person group, 3=Send to URL
  responseactioncontext Numeric ie If responseaction=1, then this is then network group ID.  If responseaction=2, then this is then contact person group ID
  responseactionurl Text If responseaction=3, then this is the URL to post to.  This can be a URL - which is recieving the JSON received back from onDemand endpoint method.
  responseactionfrom Text From email address
  incontext Y/N Run in context of each user in the network group - which must be set using responseactioncontext.
  caption Text Set a pipe delimited set of column captions that matches the HTML return.  eg First Name|Surname|Email
  cssclass Text Set a class to be applied to the returned xhtml elements.
  xhtmlstyle Text Set the style block that works with your cssclass.
  xhtmlahref Text Set a URL to be set on the first column - automatically using the id data.  The id data is automatically appended to the URL - eg can do a hash (#) handler in app and have link as, link will then be
  templatetext Text Used with more= - ie the message to be sent.
  saveaction Text Y/N. If sdending an email, save a copy against the contact. Default N