LOGON Authentication  
  CORE Core system functions, searching for attachments, storing session variables,
currency, OAuth 2.0..
  SETUP For configuring the space, including users, contact groups, project types, setting up structures as new objects or extend system objects below...   
  ATTACH For attaching/uploading files into the system, linked to an object above.  
  NETWORK Network services, including integration into OAuth based services.  
  STRUCTURE Manage data associated with custom structures.  
  REGISTER For space registration and user self registration (eg members site)  
  SITE Used to power websites, online shops, displaying products, taking orders...  
  CONTACT Manage business and person contacts, including contact groups.  
  ACTION Manage actions and activity for contacts and users, including time tracking, diaries.  
  OPPORTUNITY Manage sales opportunities and processing by type and status.  
  MESSAGING Email inbox, SMS, Messenger Conversations for blogs, wikis etc  
  DOCUMENT Manage documents, for use in websites or elsewhere within the system.  
  NEWS Manage news items, publish via email, website, blog, includes full tracking - with integration into contacts.  
  EVENT Manage events, event attendees  
  PROJECT Manage projects and tasks, including standard templates.  
  PRODUCT Manage product catalog, orders, stock, supplier orders, back orders - full integration into financials  
  FINANCIAL Manage invoice, expenses, receipts, payments, profit & loss, balance sheet, Tax/BAS/IAS, Payroll (AU/NZ)...  
  AUDIT Manage audits, audit items, audit teams  
  ISSUE Manage issues, correction actions and follow up  
  DASHBOARD Summarised reports  
  ADMIN Mainly used by partners and resellers - for viewing billable activity etc  
  SUPPORT Support issue system - logging and viewing of issues, with progress tracking.