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Single Sign On (SSO) SAML support

We've updated our SSO options with deeper SAML integration...

Yodlee Integration (node SDK)

We've added Yodlee (financial transaction) integration to our node SDK - it's based on the mydigitalstucture node module (NPM).

09JUN2017 Update

The latest mydigitalstructure update is now available for general use.

See for all the details.

ISO 27001 & 27017 Certification

ibCom & its mydigitalstructure cloud service are now ISO27001 & 270017 certified!

View the certificates... 


MacOS Example App / Swift SDK

With the help of Matthew Spear, we have just updated our example MacOS/Swift app and also taken the first steps towards a MacOS/Swift SDK (incorporated into this project).

Check it out on github.

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