Object: 196. Click here for more information.  
  Learn about financials locking.

Once you have finished managing all the items, you must call FINANCIAL_ITEM_COMPLETE.
  DataReturn Text A comma delimited list of advanced search fields to be returned after a successful save
  Id Numeric  
  Remove Numeric Pass '1' to remove the item
  Amount Numeric  
  Area Numeric If not passed, defaults to the parent item's area
  AutoComplete Text (1) Y [default] / N. If set to Y, it will automatically call FINANCIAL_ITEM_COMPLETE. This creates Journal Entries etc. For efficiency, if you are dealing with multiple Line Items, you should set this to N for all but the last line item (or set to N and call FINANCIAL_ITEM_COMPLETE after all line items are saved).
  Capital Text (1) Y/N. For Payments and Expenses
  Description Text (100)  
  FinancialAccount Numeric If not passed, defaults in the following order:
  • If the parent item is linked to a business, and that business has a DefaultRevenueFinancialAccount / DefaultExpenseFinancialAccountId set
  • Default Debtors / Creditors FinancialAccount (Uses Profile Setting 228/229)
  IssuedAmount Numeric If a foreign currency, the amount in that currency.  Defaults to Amount
  IssuedCurrency Numeric Defaults to AUD
  IssuedCurrencyRate Numeric  
  Notes Text (2000)  
  Object Numeric 5=Invoice,6=Receipt,2=Expense, or 3=Payment
  ObjectContext Numeric In conjunction with object, links the Item to either an 5=Invoice,6=Receipt,2=Expense, or 3=Payment
  OtherObject Numeric  
  OtherObjectContext Numeric  
  Project Numeric If not passed, defaults to the parent item's project
  Reference Text (50) Defaults to ITMnnnnnn. Uses Profile Setting 168 to determine the default
  ReferenceMask Text (50) Alternatively, you can pass a mask to generate the Reference. It should have question mark(s) where the number is meant to go. For example with the next number of 123, "REF_??????" would generate "REF_000123". "REF?" would generate "REF123", "REF??????abc" would generate "REF000123abc". Note: The reference has to be blank for this to take effect
  Tax Numeric  
  TaxIncluded Text (1) Y/N. Does the amount have tax included in it?
  TaxType Numeric If not passed, defaults in the following order:
  • If the parent item is linked to a business, then the business InvoiceGSTType / ExpenseGSTType
  • If the parent item is linked to a person, then the person InvoiceGSTType / ExpenseGSTType.
    You can configure your own values, or use the defaults. For Australia these are:
  • For Expenses / Payments: 1=GST Applies,2=GST Free - Input Taxed,3=GST Free - Other,4=GST Free - Entertainment/Private,5=GST Free - Exclude
  • For Invoices / Receipts: 1=GST Applies,2=GST Free - Export,3=GST Free - Other,4=GST Free - Input Taxed,5=GST Free - Exclude