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  Prefix ContactPerson  
  PrimaryContactFor CONTACT_BUSINESS_SEARCH. The Contact Business(es) that they are the Primary Contact For  
  RelationshipManager CONTACT_PERSON_SEARCH  
  SecondaryRelationshipContactPerson CONTACT_SECONDARY_RELATIONSHIP_SEARCH  
  SecondaryRelationshipRelationshipManager CONTACT_SECONDARY_RELATIONSHIP_SEARCH  
  BankAccountName Text (50)  
  BankAccountNumber Text (20)  
  BSB Text (50)  
  CentreOfInfluence Text (1) Y/N
  ContactBusiness Numeric Id of the business the person is linked to
  ContactBusinessText Text (100) Name of the business the person is linked to
  ContactSince Date  
  CreditorBalanceDate Date This field is maintained by FINANCIAL_DEBTORSCREDITORS_PROCESSING_MANAGE. It reflects that most recent time that you did not owe them money (ie via Expenses and Payments). It is used to aid with the performance of FINANCIAL_CREDITOR_SEARCH
  CustomerStatus Numeric 1=Active,2=Prospect,3=Non-Active,4=Soon to be Non-Active,5=Internal,6=Alternate Supplier,7=Reference Only,8=Pending Approval
  CustomerStatusText Text (50) eg Pending Approval
  DateOfBirth Date  
  DebtorBalanceDate Date This field is maintained by FINANCIAL_DEBTORSCREDITORS_PROCESSING_MANAGE. It reflects that most recent time that they did not owe you money (ie via Invoices and Receipts). It is used to aid with the performance of FINANCIAL_DEBTOR_SEARCH
  DisplayMobile Text (1) Y/N
  DisplayPhone Text (1) Y/N
  Email Text (200) In order to be able to send News to a contact, their email address must have been Verified
  EmailVerificationDate Date  
  EmailVerificationNotes Text (200)  
  EmailVerificationProvider Numeric 1=BriteVerify
  EmailVerificationProviderText Text (50)  
  EmailVerificationStatus Numeric 1=Unverified, 2=Verified, 3=Failed Verification
  EmailVerificationStatusText Text (50)  
  Fax Text (30)  
  FinancialInstitution Text (50) Name of bank etc
  FirstName Text (50)  
  Gender Numeric 1=unknown,2=male,3=female
  GenderText Text (50) eg Male
  HomePhone Text (50)  
  Id Numeric The id of the person contact
  MailingAddressCombined Text (200) Mailing Address 1 and Mailing Address 2 in the one field
  MailingAddress1 Text (100)  
  MailingAddress2 Text (100)  
  MailingCountry Text (50)  
  MailingPostCode Text (10)  
  MailingState Text (30)  
  MailingSuburb Text (50)  
  MailingTitle Text (100)  
  Mobile Text (50)  
  Notes Text (1000)  
  NumberOfChildren Numeric  
  OtherFamilyDetails Text (2000)  
  PartnerName Text (100)  
  PaymentMethod Numeric Define your own, plus there aree some defaults eg 1=Cheque,2=Visa or Mastercard,3=Direct Debit
  PaymentMethodText Text (50) As above
  PersonGroup Numeric Deprecated as a search field. Instead use the SubSeach PersonGroup. You need to define your own.  If a contact is in multiple groups, multiple records will be returned for the contact
  PersonGroupDescription Text (50) As above
  PersonGroupText Text (50) As above
  Position Text (50) eg Manager, Supervisor
  PreferredCommunication Numeric 1=eMail,2=Fax,3=Phone - Home,4=Phone - Work,5=Phone - Mobile,6=Mail
  PreferredCommunicationText Text (50) eg Fax
  PreferredName Text (50)  
  PriceGroup Numeric  
  PriceGroupText Text (50) You need to define your own, eg 'Class A Customers'
  Private Text (1) Y/N
  Rating Numeric eg 1=A,2=B,3=C.   Plus you can also define your own
  RatingText Text (50) eg A
  Reference Text (50)  
  RelationshipManager Numeric Id of the contact's relationship manager
  RelationshipManagerText Text (100) Name of the contact's relationship manager
  SendNews Text (1) Y/N
  SendOverDue Text (1) Y/N.  For financials integration, whether or not to send statements
  ShowOnline Text (1) Y/N
  Signature Text (2000) Generally used for internal contacts to store their email signature
  SkypeName Text (75)  
  Smoker Text (1) Y/N
  SocialStyle Numeric 1=Analytical,2=Driver,3=Amiable,4=Expressive
  SocialStyleText Text (50) eg Amiable
  SourceOfContact Numeric As a note, there are standard choices, plus you can define your own
  SourceOfContactInfo Text (100) Additional notes about Source of Contact
  SourceOfContactText Text (50) eg Word of Mouth
  StreetAddressCombined Text (200) Streeet Address 1 and Street Address 2 in the one field
  StreetAddress1 Text (100)  
  StreetAddress2 Text (100)  
  StreetCountry Text (50)  
  StreetPostCode Text (10)  
  StreetState Text (30)  
  StreetSuburb Text (50)  
  SupplierStatus Numeric  
  SupplierStatusText Text (50) Same values as Customer Status
  Surname Text (50)  
  Title Numeric 1=Mr,2=Mrs,3=Ms,4=Dr,5=Prof.,6=[NA],7=Rev.,8=Miss
  TitleText Text (50) eg Mr, Mrs
  WorkPhone Text (50)  
  Structure Fields   Click here for more information
  Audit Fields   Click here for more information
  Selected Fields  
  1. Return a number of fields for a specific id
  var oAdvancedSearch = new AdvancedSearch();
oAdvancedSearch.endPoint = 'contact';
oAdvancedSearch.method = 'CONTACT_PERSON_SEARCH';
oAdvancedSearch.addFilter('id', 'EQUAL_TO', '1');
oAdvancedSearch.rf = 'XML';
oAdvancedSearch.getResults(function(asData) { GetResultsComplete(asData);});